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Kilmore Water Supply Catchment - Notice of Determination of Land Use (extract from Victoria Government Gazette - June 1965):
Wentworth soil pits
The report:
This report series was prepared in 2004 and 2005 by the Department of Primary Industries:
Soil pits surveyed in the Goulburn Broken region
Detailed Soil Survey of Murray Valley East
This report was prepared by Bruce Cockroft in 1965 for the former Department of Agriculture. It provides a systematic study of the depositional systems in the Goulburn Valley area in relation to soils and their problems under irrigated horticulture.
Soil Pits of the Goulburn Broken region
Sandy Soils are widespread in the Mallee region. Those that are calcareous throughout are discussed in the Calcarosols section. The sandy soils covered here include Tenosols and Rudosols. Tenosols are weakly developed soils whilst Rudosols
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